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Gardiner Aerial Media

How we decided to start a successful aerial media business

Chris had been doing professional photography, videography and digital design for several years when consumer 'drones' first arrived on the scene. Although providing interesting angles and opportunities, early footage examples weren't extremely inspiring enough to buy a drone and get into the business. Fast forward a few years - UAVs from the top manufacturers had undergone several iterations of models, updates, while the cameras, - and equally important - the gimbals were performing at a much higher level of quality. They started to become a serious consideration after sitting on the fence for quite a long time.

Chris had already been operating a successful real estate photography and videography business when more and more agents started to inquire about using a drone, or UAV for property photos and videos. As the demand grew, so too did his interest in getting into the field. It wasn't until 2016 when he and Steph finally settled as homeowners in Collingwood, Ontario - an area with a booming real estate market - that they decided to take the plunge into providing aerial media services.

Fast forward again, several months later - with a high quality UAV platform, providing crisp 4K video and high resolution raw photo capabilities - they planned out their business strategy to be competitive in the market. After weeks, and even months of research, gaining the necessary education, setting up websites, social media channels, building recreational practice flight time, and having all of the legal requirements taken care of - here we are.

Stephanie is the accredited ground school trained official Pilot. Chris is the photography expert and techie with a keen business sense. Together, they are Gardiner Aerial Media. A full service aerial media business focusing on providing high quality and affordable aerial media services for the entire Georgian Triangle out of Collingwood Ontario. Seeking clients as far away as Tobermory area, covering Owen Sound, Meaford, Thornbury, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Midland, Penetanguishene, and into Muskoka - ready to become your new favorite aerial media providers with one goal - helping you sell your property in a dynamic way.