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Gardiner Aerial Media

We are a married couple from Collingwood with a passion for taking to the skies

Stephanie Gardiner

Stephanie wanted to fly from a young age - she just always thought she'd be in the vehicle while it's flying. She is the pilot of the couple. While on maternity leave from her job as a mobile equine veterinary technician, an interest grew in working with Chris on his real estate marketing services. Eventually, deciding that if aerial media would become an offering - she would want to become the pilot. A woman of incredible drive and motivation - not long after she set her mind to it, she was a fully educated and certified UAV pilot as is required by Transport Canada for commercial flights using drones in the upper weight class. Steph has already logged many successful flights and continues to hone her skills daily - or as daily as the weather, life, and having a 9 month old baby, will permit.

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Christopher Gardiner

Has been a professional photographer, cinematographer, and camera operator for more than ten years - with experience in a broad range of fields. So broad that if he told you them all - it's likely you wouldn't believe him at first. He has a keen business sense and has been successfully freelancing as what he calls a digital media professional for several years now. Already with a lot on his plate of responsibilities, and piloting being too much more, he was happy to bring his wife, Steph, into the world of digital media services as the pilot for commercial UAV operations. Chris takes the role of site supervisor during flights, ensuring the pilot can remain fully focused, and worksin a director of photography capacity to ensure a high level of aesthetic in the aerial media productions. Off-site, Chris manages the technology, from the website, booking, invoicing, all of the photo and video editing and keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology.

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Together, Chris and Steph form Gardiner Aerial Media - a team effort. Not only are aerial teams preferred and recommended by Transport Canada for safety reasons, but it also ensures that aces are in their places. A dedicated pilot to control the UAV platform and a dedicated director of photography, and site supervisor to ensure that the drone flight is as productive as it possibly can be. When you hire Gardiner Aerial Media for your next project, you are helping to support a local family with a passion for aerial photo and video.

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